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6Nice logical0Not Doneforum6
7-- --- .-. ... . .-.-.- .-.-.- .-.-.- 0Not Doneforum6
9Beauty isn't the only one that counts0Not Doneforum6
10A crackme or ...0Not Doneforum5
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14A nice flower ...0Not Doneforum2
15One - Two0Not Doneforum6
16Do you know crypto basics?0Not Doneforum6
17Allo ?0Not Doneforum5
18The U.S. Navy might be able to help ...0Not Doneforum6
19You need to seek well !0Not Doneforum6
21One of the best known logics0Not Doneforum6
22Matrix0Not Doneforum6
24Elements0Not Doneforum5
25Do you know how to count? 0Not Doneforum6
28This one is very famous ...0Not Doneforum5
29Year 16380Not Doneforum5
31A pdf file0Not Doneforum7
32After the rain, the weather !0Not Doneforum
33The equation of happiness0Not Doneforum6
34Are you good in mental arithmetic?0Not Doneforum6
36The loop is closed0Not Doneforum6
38Wi-Fi N ° 10Not Doneforum6
41Introduction to steganography0Not Doneforum7
45My first loops0Not Doneforum7
50Introduction to watermarking0Not Doneforum8
53Safe copy0Not Doneforum6
54Cadeau empoisonné0Not Doneforum9
58LSB addicted0Not Doneforum8
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