W3Challs on IRC

W3Challs has an IRC channel, on which you can discuss with confidence with other members.

To connect IRC, you can use one of the great number of IRC clients, especially :
IRC owner XChat IRC operator irssi IRC halfoperator Mibbit IRC voice mIRC
xchat irssi Mibbit mIRC
An IRC bot is present on the channel, below is its usage: (may not be up-to-date...)

-W3-BoT- --[ !help command for options details, !man command for description ]--
-W3-BoT- admin: join, nick, part, quit, reload, say
-W3-BoT- aliases: a, d, h, j, k, kb, m, s
-W3-BoT- challenges: chall, choosechall, ctf, nc, sites, solve, sosi, w3c, wechall
-W3-BoT- crypto: base64, break, hex, md5, morse, rot, sha1
-W3-BoT- exploit: assemble, disassemble
-W3-BoT- games: roulette
-W3-BoT- misc: allocine, apina, bonjour, chuck, slogan, supertangas, vdm
-W3-BoT- operators: deop, kick, kickban, op
-W3-BoT- tools: choose, en, fr, google, help, len, link, man, math, quote, seen, slap, todo, tr, troll, wtf