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In order to maintain a clear and readable site, it's important to respect some rules.

I] Site rules

  • Scans of the site are not allowed.
  • No double accounts, one is enough.
  • Do not post any illegal file or link, so no cracks etc.

II] Challenge rules

  • Do NOT bruteforce online challenges.
  • It is forbidden to ask for help outside help sections in forums.
  • Any cheating or help to cheat is prohibited W3Challs.
  • Any publication of methods or password concerning a W3Challs challenge is strictly prohibited.
  • If you want to propose a challenge, check first if there isn't any already present similar challenge.

III] Forum rules

  • Do not be vulgar, and no racism, pornography...
  • NO flood. SMS language is fordidden, thanks to read your posts twice before sending them, otherwise they will may be modified or removed by a moderator.
    Spelling mistakes are tolerated, in a reasonable quantity, but do not abuse.
  • You can (and should) ask questions to other members or admins in forums. You can ask for hints, but not for answers or other cheats.
  • Do not give hints if nobody asked for it!

IV] IRC channel rules

  • We just require you to limit spelling mistakes and flood.

V] The End

Each member who doesn't abide by these rules may be banned, temporarily or definitively.
Thank you for understanding,
W3Challs Staff.

I read and comply with rules (*)